My Newest App – DS Weather

DS Weather is basically a modified version of DSO Weather which is built into DSOps V0.3. This version includes many improvements such as: a cleaner and less messy gui, more simple to use, bug fixes. This app also includes the same gui that’s planned to be in DSOps V0.4, and this weather app will be included in the next release of DSoperators.

Now some of you may be new to this app so I’ll tell you what it does. This is a weather app for the DS which displays the current weather conditions; like the current temperatures, humidity, ect. For the most part everything in this app works perfectly, but due to some bugs in the pretty much outdated Wifi libraries you may encounter a few small bugs that may require a restart. All weather comes from Google Weather API, more info can be found here.

Also, you can check out what the raw data looks like here:


Screenshots – Coming Later




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